Test Builds

This repository is used internally to create different scenarios on build configs and trigger many builds on Read the Docs productions.

Each branch should explain on it's docs/index.rst what's about and how the QA process can be considered a success or a failure.

If we need to test a very specific use case, we create a new branch with the issue number and the repository, like: issue-1234-org, issue-4321-ext or similar.


Each of these scenarios is a branch that can be built independently from the others.

Please, check all the branches and all the tags to be sure.

Adding a new scenario to the repository

  1. Create a new branch from master using an appropiate name
  2. Explain what's the use case in its docs/index.rst file
    • How to check if the QA can be considered success or failure
    • Add links to the issue tracker where there are more information
  3. Add or modify the necessary files
    • Make sure that these files contains the minimum configuration needed:
      • remove auto generated comments
      • configs not used
  4. Push your changes